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The Venue: Camps Adams
Accommodations at Camps Adams
What to Bring
Getting to Camp Adams


Getting to Camp Adams—and What You’ll Find While There

Scroll down (or use the links on the left) to find out how to get to D5, what you’ll be responsible for bringing for your use, what will be provided by Camp Adams and included in your D5 registration costs, a little bit about what will happen at Dandelion, what facilities and accommodations are available, and much more.

Please Note: Camp Adams is about 45 minutes from the Portland Airport. If you are flying to the Dandelion gathering and need a ride to Camp Adams from the airport, there will be a $25 per person fee, which should be paid along with your registration. Our transportation cell will be contacting you to coordinate transportation.

If you have specific questions, check the frequently asked questions list, which is in alphabetical order by subject matter. If your questions aren’t answered there, you can send an email to dandelion5.magic@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

The Venue: Camp Adams

Located near Portland, Oregon Camp Adams offers abundant outdoor resources on 210 Acres of forest with trails, two creeks,a wonderful swimming hole where Milk and Nate Creek meet, outdoor meeting areas and much more.

To create safer sacred space for everyone,
this event is drug and alcohol free.

Accommodations at Camp Adams

Please note that registration materials will offer you a more comprehensive overview. If you have specific Accommodation needs, please email: dandelion5.magic@gmail.com.

Camp Adams has options for cabin and tenting, each of those options is available at the same registration rate. Additionally, there are a very limited number of accessible cabins-beds for community members with different accessibility/mobility needs. There are also a very limited number of accessible cabins-beds with access to bedside electricity, for folks with medical needs such as electric CPAP machines. These will be offered on a first come first served basis, so please email us if you have any specific needs.

The tenting area is level and open. The parking area is near enough to the campground that you can store some belongings in your vehicle. Information on what areas are open for tent camping will be available onsite when you check in.

The cabins are rustic and vary from older to new construction. There is electricity in all cabins, with the most individual bunk access available in the newer cabins. Spaces are limited and must be reserved in advance. The bunk beds have mattresses provided, but please plan on bringing you own linens, pillows, and consider earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

3 meals a day will be provided. Our food cell is working to accommodate dietary restrictions, and we do plan to offer organic food with accessible meal choices. Please bring non perishable snacks in well sealed containers because there will be limited refrigerator space for storage of personal food. If you have special dietary requirements that require refrigerated food, please contact us at: dandelion5.magic@gmail.com

Plan on bringing your own towel and shower things to the bathroom each time as there won’t be space to leave them there throughout the event. When choosing toiletries to bring to Dandelion, please choose natural items and ones without artificial perfumes in deference to those with allergies and sensitivities.

All cabins have some electrical outlets.

There is an office phone but all outgoing calls must be collect or credit card. Please plan on making only emergency or very brief calls. There is cell phone reception at Camp Adams.

The Creek:
The swimming hole is a shared resource and is located between the two camp sites, where Milk and Nate Creek meet. Please bring swimming wear and water shoes. The swimming hole will be available when the lifeguard is on duty.

There will be a designated vending area at camp where vendors will be selling a variety of things. If you are interested in vending you’ll need to contact us and pre-register. Plan to bring your own vending tent and table as the designated vending area may not be sheltered. The vending fee is an item of your choice for the scholarship fund raffle and 10% of sales.

Weather in Oregon can vary greatly even in summer. Average Temperatures for Molalla, Oregon in the month of August: day time high of 84° to a night time low of 56°. It will be cool at night, bring layers. August is relatively dry for us this time of year, but in a temperate rain forest there is always the chance of rain. Average rain fall in Molalla for the month of August is 0.72".

The Heat:
Light colored, 100% cotton clothing. Bring a cotton scarf or bandana. If the days are exceedingly hot, dipping these items in cold water will make your week “air-conditioned.” If the temperature gets high, plan to spend the afternoons in the creek.

The Rain:
August in Oregon is usually mostly dry, but be prepared for the possibility of a little rain. If you are tenting, bring your rain fly. Seam-seal your tent! Bring one Rubbermaid or plastic tub to keep a change of clothes and socks and to protect your books and valuables.

Raffle and Auctions:
One night there will be a raffle, a silent auction, and a loud auction to raise seed and scholarship money for the next Dandelion. The strength of these events, and the financial support they bring to future Dandelion Gatherings, depend on you. Please bring items for the raffle and auctions, and money to bid!

What to Bring

This list is intended as a guide. Keep in mind that the nearest store is about a half hour away and you probably won’t want to go for a drive. If you can’t go a week without it, be sure to pack it. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s hot, be prepared!


  • Tent, tent stakes, ground cloth, rain fly, etc. (unless you are renting cabin space)— Make sure that you know how to assemble your tent before arriving at camp, though there will be folks to help!
  • Flat sheet mylar blanket (These are really great to put under your mattress to prevent the cold and moisture from seeping up from the ground. They’re sold for a few dollars as emergency blankets in the camping supply section.)

Cabin (and Camping):

  • Pillow
  • Bedding for hot weather
  • Bedding for cold weather
  • Bedding to loan to others


  • Clothing that allows you to feel free, magical, and comfortable in ritual. This Dandelion will not be clothing-optional.
  • Shoes for walking in the creek and hardy hiking shoes
  • Bathing suit if you want to swim
  • Clothes for hot weather
  • Clothes for cold weather
  • Extra pairs of dry socks and underwear
  • Hats to keep the sun/rain off your head
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Accessories

Personal & Hygiene:

Please be especially mindful of those with scent sensitivities by bringing unscented hygiene products.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Towels and wash cloth
  • Biodegradable soap and shampoo Please check the labels!
  • Other toiletries: comb, deodorant, nail file, etc.
  • Maidens and mothers, group energy may change your moon cycle; please bring what you need.
  • Safer sex supplies, if you plan to have sex or if there is any chance you might or if you just like sex - be safe!
  • Shaving supplies
  • Sun screen and after sun lotion
  • Bug repellent (plan on sharing the camp with mosquitoes, flies, and ticks)


  • Prescriptions
  • Natural medicines or herbs, like arnica or whatever you need
  • Over the counter drugs you regularly use: pain reliever, anti-diarrheal, vitamins, etc.
  • Bee kit, if you are allergic to bees
  • Other medical supplies you need

General Supplies:

  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight with extra batteries & back up flashlight
  • Folding beach chair or lawn chair that you can carry from place to place (if you need to ensure you have seating for rituals or meetings. Some spaces have chairs and other meeting sites are outdoors with limited seating.)
  • Large Ziploc bags for keeping things dry in case of rain
  • Rope or string for clothesline
  • Watch or alarm clock (There is no clock in the campground)
  • If you bring a stereo, please bring headphones.
  • Chocolate, soda, and other treats that make life more fun. You won’t want to store these in your cabin, tent, or car because of the critters, so . . .
  • Cooler/ice chest to refrigerate your personal necessities.


  • Raffle Item(s) which will help to bring witches to Dandelion 2012.
  • Spokes Council Funk Trunk donations: Donate fun and funky bits of clothing for the Funk Trunk. Funds raised from the Trunk will support the Spokes Council.
  • Camp Adams has a beautiful outdoor stage, which we want to make the most of! Please bring your magical, performing selves and tools, music, art and creativity!

Ritual Items:

  • Drums, rattles, musical instruments
  • Magical tools and/or offerings
  • Journal and something to write with
  • Money for the raffle, auction, and vendors wears


  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________


Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring something fabulous to donate to our auction. The money raised goes to our scholarship fund for future Dandelion Gatherings. Consider volunteering to organize the auction!

We are each responsible for bringing our own bedding (sheets, pillow, blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and air mattresses, etc.). Mattresses are provided for use in the cabin bunks.

We are also responsible for bringing our own towels for showering and swimming.

If you are able to bring extra bedding to share, it would be very welcome. Those who are flying to the event may wish to borrow bedding. All loaned bedding should be marked in some way so that it can be returned appropriately. We would welcome volunteers who would be willing to coordinate the bringing and sharing of bedding.

Boundaries & Edges:

  • Respect boundaries, your own and others.
  • Clothing is not optional on the property.
  • Camp fires are allowed only in designated fire circles.
  • No photos during ritual please.
  • No other photos without permission of all who might be in the frame.
  • To maintain the integrity of sacred space and out of respect for one another, Dandelion Gathering is drug and alcohol free.
  • Camp Adams does not allow drugs, alcohol or fireworks on the property.

Yes, bugs and various other critters are planning to attend as well. Please bring whatever you need to exist in harmony with the insects that may be present.

Bring clothes for warm and cool weather as weather in the rain forest of Oregon can be changeable. You may want a hat, gloves, warm fleecy things, warm socks and other clothing layers in case it is cool at night or in the morning. There will be rain at some point, bring what you need to stay dry. We expect sunny days as well so please bring clothes for warm weather and any sun protection you may need.

Holding an awareness of sustainable living and impact, please feel free to bring information about your community, your camp, classes, events and what have you. There will be space to share our brochures, fliers, newsletters, leaflets, etc.

Meals will be provided by the Camp Adams kitchen staff. It is our hope to have as much ethical food at our gathering as is possible.

We are looking for volunteers to create a healing team. Responsibilities would include coordinating with anyone who wishes to offer healing as well as creating a small infirmary on site to administer basic first aid. If you are interested in being a part of the healing team, please contact dandelion5.magic@gmail.com.

Practical Supplies:
We are each responsible for our own self care at the Gathering. Here are some suggestions of self care/personal comfort items you may want to bring:

  • Bug repellant (scentless please)
  • Flashlight and/or lantern and extra batteries
  • Sunscreen and hat, sunglasses
  • Water bottle/travel mug
  • Camp chair, small blanket, pillow or beach chair to sit on
  • Frisbees, kites, bubbles and other things to play with on the open fields
  • Towels for showers and creek
  • Safe sex supplies
  • Earplugs (for sleeping)

Camp Adams is not fully wheel chair accessible but we are committed to inclusivity and creative solutions. Please contact dandelion5.magic@gmail.com.

Musical instruments:
Please do BRING them!

Please do NOT bring them.

Sacred / Magical Items:

  • Ritual clothing, costumes, makeup, body paint and glitter
  • Altar objects, cloths and fabrics, offerings and sacred tools
  • Divinatory tools, journal & anything that helps you feel magical
  • Art supplies.

Self Care
We encourage participants to empower themselves to take care of their own needs. If you have special dietary needs and/or food you just cannot live without please bring it! Limited refrigerator space may be available, and/or you can bring a cooler. Please do not store food without a cooler in your tent as dogs and other critters can smell it and may decide to help themselves.

Be open to your own accountability. Please take any concerns to the organizers. Ask for help if you need it.

Give honest and compassionate feedback about what you hear, see, feel and experience.

Spaces & Places
There are a variety of meetings spaces, many of them outdoors.
For more details, photos and descriptions of local flora, please visit http://campadams.org/.

Outdoor spaces are abundant. There are multiple outdoor options for ritual. Rituals will most likely be outdoors unless we have heavy rain.

The creek is beautiful for waders and gets deep enough for swimming at some points.

There are various cabin types/locations at Camp Adams. There is limited cabin availability which will be granted on a first-come-first serve basis. Please communicate your needs when registering so that we can work together to find a sleeping space that works best for you.

Please be respectful of those who live on the land; those seen and unseen, known and unknown. We have been welcomed here to their land and we ask for your consideration and sensitivity.

Your truest self:
There will be lots of opportunity for sharing within the camp community—so bring all of yourself, your ideas, your energy, skills and enthusiasm!

We are creating a space for vending. The organizing team is asking each vendor to donate something wonderful to the auction to help raise funds for scholarship and for the next Dandelion Gathering! In addition, Dandelion asks for 10% of all profits from vendors.

August in the Oregon rain forest can be changeable. Days can be sunny while mornings, evenings and overcast days can be cool. Please bring appropriate clothing and gear for a range of weather.

What not to bring:
Pets (including familiars), illegal drugs, and alcohol, fireworks. Camp Adams is tobacco-free except in designated smoking areas.

Getting to Camp Adams

Travel Support

Please feel free to contact dandelion5.magic@gmail.com for assistance.

Miles will be coordinate carpooling and airport pickup/shuttles. If you feel called to help your fellow witches get to Dandelion, please contact Miles.

Directions to Camp Adams

From I-5 South: Take I-5 to the Woodburn exit 271 and turn east (left). This is Highway 214. Stay on 214 through Woodburn; it becomes Highway 211 as it crosses 99E. Follow 211 past Molalla 3 miles to the 4 way stop where the highway curves to the right. Follow on 211 about 3 miles to Camp Adams which is located between mile markers 18 and 19, ¾ mile past marker 18, on the left side of the highway.

From I-5 North: Take I-5 to 205 north. Take exit 10 off 205, turn south (right) on Highway 213. Continue south past Mulino about 1 mile to the Union Mills road turn off (you can only turn left). Continue 4 miles to the 4-way stop. Go straight through the intersection—you are now on Highway 211—and drive about 3 miles to Camp Adams, located on the left side of the highway. The camp is located between mile markers 18 and 19, ¾ mile past marker 18.

From I-84 East: Take I-84 West to the I-205 south exit. Take exit 10 off 205 and turn south (left) on Highway 213. Continue south past Mulino about 1 mile to the Union Mills road turnoff; you can only turn left. Continue 4 miles to the 4-way stop. Go straight through the intersection—you are now on Highway 211—and drive about 3 miles to Camp Adams, located on the left side of the highway. The camp is located between mile markers 18 and 19, ¾ mile past marker 18.

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