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Take a look at the list of needs on the right, and consider whether you might have some skills, time, or resources to offer in joyful service. If you’re able to volunteer, e-mail dandelion5.magic@gmail.com.


Let’s Co-Create!

Transportation: We need several volunteers here with a focus on keeping the footprint of this event as small as possible. This will include folks to coordinate ride shares with the Transportation Cell anchor so that our drivers help to pick up as many of our non-drivers as possible. We need someone to coordinate a shuttle (or multiple volunteer vehicles) to get folks who are flying from the airport(s) to Camp Adams and back again. We need on-site vehicles which can be used to help folks get up and down the hill and back and forth from ritual spaces. These vehicles may also need to make runs into town for supplies/laundry or other unforeseen issues.

Bower: Anchors for the bower will need help gathering loaner tents which can be set up in the bower space. They will also need help with supplies, decorations and daily maintenance (among other things).

Registration: Focalizers of the Registration Cell will need volunteers to help maintain the registration table on the first day, to welcome folks as they arrive, and to help orient them to the beautiful Camp.

Programming: Everyone determines what happens at Dandelion by creating it. What offerings and/or entertainment might you like to share with the group? Camp Adams is a unique space with several wooded nooks...even an outdoor stage! More information will be available soon about reserving specific spaces, but you can email us with questions.

Ritual Planning: While the other evening rituals will be planned on site, organizers are looking to work with others in the Reclaiming community who are interested in planning the opening ritual in advance of the gathering. Folks who have attended prior Dandelion gatherings and would like to help hold continuity are especially welcome. This team could also coordinate times for the remaining rituals, to post for the community.

Fundraising: We will fundraise to nurture future Dandelion gatherings, as well to provide additional support for this year’s scholarships. There is opportunity for anyone and everyone in Reclaiming to co-create fundraising events, locally, to sponsor community members. D5 organizers can provide some supports; we need folks who will come up with fundraising ideas and manifest them. Working with organizing anchors for this cell, you can help coordinate the donation of auction items as well as the auction itself. A funk trunk has been suggested. This team is also responsible for creating written materials about fundraising which will be posted to the web site and put in the camper packets.

Childcare: The anchor for youth programming would love to work with others to co-create activities that are rewarding for mixed groups of all ages. This team will also help determine what level of child care can be offered at D5 and help to coordinate caregivers.

Facilitators for the BIRCH meeting: It would be ideal if at least one of these folks has attended previous gatherings, particularly the most recent gathering. Individuals who have worked to gather agenda items for the BIRCH meeting from their communities will also be invaluable.

Welcoming: This group will grace and welcome people as they arrive. They will think of ways to express hospitality and inclusivity and will be prepared to answer any logistical questions.

Comforts: It would be nice to have extra bedding at the gathering if folks need it. Those that are flying may not have as much room to bring bedding as they would like, and the bower would also benefit from loaner linen. We will also need someone to coordinate the donation and return of bedding.

Healing Team: Are you a healer? Would you like to help provide care for the gathered, as needed?

Vendors: The anchor for vendors would love to work with others to coordinate this aspect of the event, which might include creating a "vendor packet" so that potential purveyors can understand all the elements of vending at D5. This group will also help the vendors get settled on the site, and could gather donated auction items from the vendors as well as the requested 10% of sales at the end of the event.

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