Scholarship Fund is Closed

The scholarship fund is now closed.

At this time, as we celebrate the strengthening sun (Imbolc) and the first fruits (Lughnasadh) we would like to celebrate the incredible strength of our community's pledges and harvests.

Overall, 78 people helped raise $10,288 for the scholarship fund.

This included $2,369.66 through the GoFundMe, $1,269 in donations during Registration, and over $6000 in sizeable single contributions.


We have been able to fulfill all requests to applicants who completed registration. We are ecstatic about this. 38 people received scholarships, from diverse locations within North America and multiple spots across the globe, demonstrating the growth of our tradition.

As we prepare to gather in just a month, let's celebrate this incredible harvest that will enable our gathering to be so much richer and more beautiful.

In love and Solidarity,

The Dandelion Weavers

We are committed to financial accessibility and encourage anyone who needs help to attend to apply for a scholarship! There is no income threshold for application. Financial assistance will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, until all available funds are used. The majority of scholarships will be partial scholarships, but a small number of full scholarships may be available for youth, elder, BIPOC, queer and trans individuals. The scholarship application is accessible via the registration form. If we are unable to meet your financial need and that means you cannot attend, we will refund your deposit.

We also encourage scholarship applicants to apply for additional funding through the Deborah Ann Light Fund.

The scholarship fund is intended to support radical inclusion and spiritual development within Reclaiming. This fund is for people of color, differently abled, transgender and gender nonconforming people, queer, youth and seniors to attend Reclaiming-related camps, trainings, and classes. Funds can be used to support travel & registration fees. There is an application limit of $500 for classes and camps.

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Financial Assistance

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Scholarship Fund

All monies donated to this fundraising campaign will be 100% directed towards scholarships for the 2019 dandelion gathering

Please donate here

We invite you to join us in a celebration of our community by making a donation to the Dandelion Scholarship Fund.

We know that scholarships are just one part of making an event accessible, but an important part. As we continue to ask questions and have conversations around what our Dandelion will look like, we welcome in the power and wisdom of Brigid. What does she have to teach us about how we can expand access to Dandelion? What does she want to tell us about how we can approach each other and come into deeper relationship? What mysteries of resilience, community and craft is she preparing to share? What lessons can we learn at her well of healing? What pledges do we need to make at her forge? 

We ask you to come on this journey with us, bringing your own power and wisdom. As Adrienne Maree Brown asks in her groundbreaking work Emergent Strategy, what is the conversation only this group of people can have? How can we engage and emerge and interact and intersect in new ways? We renew our invitation to our various Reclaiming communities - be they covens, geographic communities, guilds, groups of friends, training groups, etc - to gather together. Dream, vision, make magic. Talk, debate, and discuss. And share with us what you have uncovered.

We invite you to be a part of this. At this moment, for some of us, this might look like making a financial donation to help build the scholarship fund for Dandelion 2019. Perhaps you share the vision that anyone who wants to can attend Dandelion 2019. For this to come true, we need lots of help. You can make your donations today here via this GoFundMe.  If you would rather make your donation via check, please email  We thank all those who have already donated!

Thank you for sharing your vision with us!

in Solidarity,
The Dandelion Weavers
Fio, Gwydion, Heidi, Jes, Lore, Phoenix, Rebecca, Sage

PS - If any funds are remaining, they will go towards the seed fund for the next Dandelion!