A Solstice Invitation

Blessed and Bright Midsummer. Blessed and Still Midwinter.

Blessings of the Season and may the Land rise up to meet you

The weavers of Dandelion 2019 have been working over several months, our attention drawn inward tending to the seeds. Now at this solar threshold we throw our excitement out, inviting you all - witches and pagans of Reclaiming - to dream and weave with us.

We invite you into deep conversation, camaraderie, and conspiracy with each other. Our dream is that communities, networks, covens, and hives of Reclaimers will gather in person in place, and in bodies through screens and sound across the sea, to talk about our shared Tradition, delve into what is important for us to share and distill, to feedback to each other through the web of wonder!

This could look like informal potlucks, salons, picnics, community days or nights, ritual and sorcery, facilitated meetings, and the powerful art of sitting with one or two others and baring our hearts and committing to listen and be heard.

Our Tradition reminds us we are each our own spiritual authority, in community.

What is of vital significance to your bio-region? What matters and issues do you feel might go into the cauldron of Dandelion 2019? What brew will we drink together and how might this ripple through our Tradition and communities for years and decades to come?

Reclaiming is nearly forty years old. Dandelion 2019 is a celebration and a deep dive into who we are, and who we might become. We invite all the we’s of Reclaiming for we are greater than the sum of our parts.

We invite you to leave what you community has uncovered below, so that other communities may read it and engage in the conversation. If for some reason your community wishes to share what they have unearthed privately with the Weavers, send to 2019dandelion@gmail.com. But, our hope is this can be a transparent sharing.

We invite you into the work of love and justice once more.

X The Weavers of Dandelion 2019 X

Fio, Gwydion, Heidi, Jessica, Phoenix, Rebecca, Thibaut

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